• Heat Exchanger refurbishment and emergency repair options
  • Metallic, elastomeric and fabric expansion joint fabrication and emergency repair crews
  • Unscheduled outage/crisis pipe stress and vessel engineering

Valtech Engineering - Valtech Engineering is a niche engineering and fabrication company focused on critical application expansion joints for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries to include FCCU expansion joints and transfer lines, Styrene and Catofin® expansion joints, Hinge and gimbal piping networks, Onsite field and engineering services.

Geo Heat Exchangers - In addition to providing high quality, quick turnaround service on engineering, new fabrication and repair of normal shell and tube heat exchangers, GEO has the expertise and experience to provide repairs on Transfer Line Exchanger Repairs, Ammonia Plant Waste Heat Boiler Repairs, Fin-Fan, Refrigeration Exchanger Repairs and Surface Condenser Repairs.

Airde - Mechanical rope access team provides welding, bolting, refactory, coatings and other crafts from tactical rope systems, unlike the simple straight-drop seen in simple inspection services.  With an impeccable safety record and strong customer service Airde provides solid access solutions to execute work in locations others cant imagine.
They also offer rope-access training to enable you and your teams to work side-by-side with their level-3s and thereby manage your own projects and scope.

ASC-ES - Anvil Services is a leading-edge reverse engineering, 3D scanning and CNC machining company that helps customers with hard to find, repair and replace equipment.  With a deep engineering bench they are able to model, fabricate and repair difficult to procure and/or obsolete mechanical equipment such as valves, turbine internals and conveyor systems.  They have the ability to maintain an on-line inventory of difficult to find parts for their clients and supply them rapidly and much more cost effectively than traditional supply chains.  
Their state-of-the-art CNC machine shop also boasts one of the most elegant and reliable stellite coating processes available.  Anvil is often able to successfully hard-coat parts and pieces where competitors fail.

Hamon Corporation -

  • Hamon Deltak - Hamon Deltak provides aftermarket support for urgent replacement parts through a manufacturing facility attached to its headquarters.
  • Research Cottrell Cooling - RCC specializes in custom solutions for the full spectrum of cooling tower applications.